Maths Carousel – Angles

This week in Maths we have been looking at right, acute and obtuse angles. We had a carousel of activities other two days in which children had to solve problems and identify angles. They had lots of fun using resources, teamwork and their reasoning skills to help them solve the problems.


This morning in PE the children completed a carousel of different activities. They got to practise a wide range of skills. The activities included; shuttle runs, basketball shooting and dribbling, hockey dribbling and throwing and catching.


Book Week – The Tunnel

Today we looked at ‘The Tunnel’,  another book by Anthony Browne. We read the book and then discussed the differences between the two characters. We then had a look at some pictures from the book and imagined what the character might be thinking at that point in the story.


Voices in the Park Drama – Book Week

As this week is Book Week, we have been looking at a few different books by Anthony Browne. On Tuesday we looked at a book called ‘Voices in the Park’. The book has four different people telling the same story but from their point of view and as each character told the story in a different way, we used our acting skills to act put the story in the four different ways.