Fraction problem solving

After learning about fractions for the last few weeks, the children used all they had learnt to solve some tough fraction problems. They worked in their problem solving groups to solve the problem, prove they were correct and explain how they did it. There were some very creative methods!  


Maths Bingo!

Today in Maths we had a quick game of Maths Bingo! 

The children had to split the numbers on the board into halves or quarters as quick as they could, and when they had done every number they had to shout Bingo! It was very competitive and the children had great fun trying to solve mathematical problems at speed.


Investigating sources

Today in our Topic lesson we continued to look at the Stone Age. We discussed how we knew so much even though there was no writing to study. We discussed what a source was and how it could give us information.

Each table was given a mixture of objects; some very old, some familiar and some unusual. The children had to look and study the sources, discuss what they could learn from them and then finally sketch and annotate one.

The children really enjoyed questioning where they were from, what they were and what they were used for.


Learning Journals

Even though we only had a short week that didn’t stop the children thinking of some really creative ways to show what we did this week. They were all especially excited about writing about our first swimming lesson! 


Drama in Literacy

In Literacy this week we have been looking at the ‘Show not tell’ method for writing descriptive sentences. To cement our understanding the children did some drama where they had to act out what their character was feeling or show their personalitythroughntheir actions. Their partner then had to think of the correct adjectives to describe the character. The children had a lot of fun thinking of some imaginative ways to show how a character feels or acts.