Ancient Mayan calendars

This week in our topic we looked at the Ancient Mayan’s writing and calendars. We learnt lots of interesting facts like the month called Uayeb has only 5 days! 

We then made our own calendars, making sure we had ordered the months correctly.


Shared Writing

In Literacy this week we looked at story endings. We discussed what makes an effective ending and looked at the ending of The Snow Dragon. 

We shared ideas about how we could change the ending of The Snow Dragon. Some of the endings weren’t particularly happy ones! We then wrote down our own endings to the story and shared them with the class. 


Mayan Masks

In our topic lesson this week we looked at masks that the Ancient Mayans would wear. We discussed why they would wear them and who would wear them.

We then began designing our own masks and will be making them over the next few weeks!


Feeding Wayne Rooney!

In Maths last week we had a very strange task…. we had to feed Wayne Rooney! Using what we had learnt in Science about healthy eating and our addition skills we had to create a healthy meal or menu for Wayne to eat before a big match. We had to add up and choose food carefully to make sure we didn’t go over a limit of calories for the day! It was a fun challenge that required the children to use all of their problem solving and reasoning skills.