Role play

Last week we looked at a character called Book from a book called The Snow Dragon. We worked in groups to come up with questions that we would like to ask him. We then did some role playing as some people pretended to be Book and had to answer the questions the class had for them.


Last Week!

After some technical issues it looks like my blog is working again!

Last week, like every week, was very busy but also very fun.

We played a fun game in Maths to practise our place value knowledge. 

We practised our ball skills in PE. We had to see how well we could balance a ball and transfer it from one persons racket to another.





We also looked at where the Ancient Mayans lived and tried to find the countries on a map using Atlases.



A busy day!

Today was a busy day with lots of impressive work. We practised our ball skills in PE and we used our map skills to find out where the Ancient Mayans used to live.

It was also the day that a few lucky people got to use a pen for the first time after receiving their pen licences!