Play-leader training

Today we had a great day learning how to become play-leaders! We learnt how to play the games and how to teach them.

To start we practised by playing the games together and then gave each other feedback on how we led them. 

We then had to plan our activities and warm ups. Once the planning was complete, the class had the chance to carry out and teach their games to year 1 and 2, which was a lot of fun for all the children involved.

Science Week

This week was Science Week and as always it was very busy! 

We had a well loved visitor to the school as Harry the Hornet turned up!

There was Drama as we acted out the beginnings of our mythical stories.


After visiting the Space Dome we created comic strips about some of the stories from the constellations.


Finally, we carried out some experiments which included making our own lava lamps!