Eagle Heights

Today we were visited by Eagle Heights and got to watch and learn about some amazing birds of prey. We saw Eagles, a falcon and even an owl. The children loved learning about the birds and watching them fly around the room gracefully.


Lots of learning

There were lots of different opportunities for the children to develop their learning in different ways this week. 

Some of the girls had a chance to work with some year 10 students to help develop their problem solving skills.

A discussion about the book we are looking at in Literacy  (Weslandia) turned into a passionate debate with lots of persuasive statements and people voting for their preferred side..

We used local maps to track and measure rivers in our surrounding areas.

And in Maths we used our investigatory skills to see how difficult it would be to use ancient coins and to make different amounts.

So lots of learning in lots of different ways!


A very busy week!

This week was another very busy one with lots of different activities.

On Monday we had people from Show Racism the Red Card come in and talk to us and we even got to hear some interesting stories from Watford legend Luther Blissett! 

We also looked at bullying and how it must feel. The children used Drama to create some very powerful performances about bullying.

Today we shared our homework about he Mekong River. There were lots of great facts and inventive ways to show information and some children presented there work to the whole class.

Finally, we took part in Environmental Day where we created a small tree out of egg boxes and went into the forest to do some sketches of trees.

So another busy week full of lots of different activities!